Why choose wireless broadband?

Wireless internet is the only cost effective solution for some rural households and rural businesses that don't have access to standard network infrastructure like Fibre, Cable, VDSL or ADSL.

How does wireless broadband work?

Our infrastructure consists of long range fixed wireless towers that beam internet straight to your home or business. It is a line-of-sight service, so your home or business must be within our wireless coverage areas.

How does wireless broadband work?

What do you mean by 'line of sight'?

To access our WiFi services, your house must be within line of sight of a WiFi repeater. We can only confirm this on a case-by-case basis and in some cases this will require a visit to your property.

What do you mean by 'line of sight'?

How does wireless broadband work if we have a concrete house?

You can either have a hole drilled through the bottom of your wall and seal it with silicone or through the roof eaves and into the ceiling then down the wall inside the house.

What will the wireless broadband equipment on my property look like?

To receive the WiFi signal ommitted by our repeaters, we will need to install an antenna on the roof of your house (like a sky dish but smaller). A cable is run into your house; it normally comes up under your floor and into an area that has access to a power plug.

What will the wireless broadband equipment on my property look like?

Do I need a WiFi router?

No. You don't need a WiFi router to access the internet from your roof antenna. Your computer can still be connected via cable. But if you have multiple devices (especially mobile phones) it is recommended that you setup WiFi access within your home.

How much data can I use?

Your internet is unlimited, so you can use as much data as you want.

How can I get a statement of my account?

Get in touch with us and we will arrange to send out a statement.